GET THIS Water Purification System UF 3in 1 Water Purification System In Kenya at a very discounted rate from the accredited sellers of water purification machines in Kenya

Water purifiers (depending on type) remove viruses, bacteria and other organic and inorganic particles/contaminants found in our water supply. Purifying your water means no more stomach bugs and unforeseen illnesses you will also get that fresh water taste and smell. Tassmatt Agencies offers Some of the most effective water purification machines available in Kenya including a variety of Domestic Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration machines as well as Reverse Osmosis Plants.

Regardless of the source of water( Sea, River, dam, borehole, well) Tassmatt Limited has a suitable water treatment solution for you.

Through our feasibility and design teams we are able to analyze your water quality and prescribe the best sustainable solution for your application. Key consideration during design includes aspects such as power consumption, space requirements, complexity of operations, adaptability to project phasing and quality control and assurance.




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