Salad & Cooking Oil ATM

KSh 39,400.00


Salad & Cooking Oil ATM 40L = 50,000

Stainless Steel Salad & Cooking Oil ATM 40L


Stainless Steel Salad & Cooking Oil ATM 40L

The cost of starting a cooking oil atm machine business in Kenya is relatively low compared to how profitable the business can be. This Salad ATM Machine – Wooden 20L is the ideal starting point for your vending oil atm business in Kenya.


The machine doesn’t take up too much room. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a location with lots of space. Furthermore, you don’t need a permit since cooking oil is a non-perishable commodity.

Another reason why it’s a great business to start in Kenya is because more people are switching to using cooking oil instead of fats (which used to be the preferred choice because it was generally cheaper).

Most cooking oils nowadays are cholesterol free, which makes them a healthier choice. The quality of your oil will depend on your supplier.

Using a cooking oil ATM is more hygienic and accurate than handling the oil manually, provided you keep it clean and well maintained.

We look forward to helping set up your cooking oil ATM business!

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