Water Purification System UF

Tassmatt Limited UF water purifier systems are designed specifically for your water treatment needs by an experienced team of application, mechanical and chemical engineers. We build our UF water purifier system using only high quality components that will provide reliable long-term operation.

Water Purification System RO

Our RO water purifier machine adopts advanced low-pressure reverse osmosis technology to purify water. Combined with the well-designed filtration and adsorption system, it can effectively remove all kinds of bacteria, organic substances, residues, heavy metal ions and other substances harmful to health in water

Water Vending ATM Machine

The basic objective of the water vending machine also known as the water ATM is to provide safe and clean drinking water. The Water Vending Machine may be a coin-operated or non-coin operated water machine that can be installed at any Public or private place to deliver “healthy drinking water” at most affordable prices and convenience.

Water Purifiers In Kenya

The prices of different filtration systems can vary widely, from simple systems that can cost under Ksh 250,000 to complex systems costing millions of shillings and requiring professional installation. In addition to the price of purchasing and installing the system, consider the cost, schedule, and ease of maintenance, such as changing filter cartridges. In order…

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